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Training for novice interpreters

Qualified novice interpreters are taught the working basics of interpreting in a class-style dynamic training for 40-hours where everyone participates forming groups and debating such topics as interpreter dilemmas and the roles of the interpreter. Here are some of the other topics we discuss:

  • Interpreter register
  • Proper advocacy
  • Transparency
  • Interpreter introductions
  • Modes of interpreting
  • Confidentiality
  • Assertive attitude
  • Interpreter roles
  • and much more 

Medical terminology mining

This class is targeted to trained interpreters and it focuses on the medical field and how doctors think; emphasizing on the origin of medical terms and their meaning. From provider titles and common diseases to treatment and discharge, the students get a much better understanding of the medical field and the protagonists.


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Simultaneous and consecutive role play

Practice makes perfect and we dedicate a lot of time to simulate an actual interpreter appointment. Not only do we practice, critique and improve our skills but we also put ourselves in the shoes of the provider and the patients. From the interpreter introduction to patient discharge we practice our role following national standards.

Audio equipment training

For assignments where we have to interpret for groups of people, we require the use of headsets in a simultaneous setting. Students learn how to plan these kind of events and get hands-on experience on handling the audio equipment.  

Interpreter webinars 

Interpreter workshops on a variety of topics like:

  • Law enforcement
  • ​Mental health standards
  • Judicial interpreting
  • Diabetes and nutrition
  • Birth to Three tips
  • PT school conferences
  • IEP interpreter tips.

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