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The search and hiring of qualified individuals is paramount to our success as a language agency.


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Responsive feedback  
Any feedback on our services from a customer is responded to immediately and treated with diligence.  We are aware that quality and constant service improvement is what keeps our company successful; and we strive to maintain the lines of communication open with our customers.

Service surveys
Random surveys about our services are made to determine we are meeting and exceeding customer expectations. These results are sorted and analized by our management staff and interpreter coordinators.  

Contractor vetting

All contractors working on our projects go through a thorough screening process prior to being contracted.

We work very hard to maintain our service quality very high; from dependability to accuracy to professionalism to loyalty, our linguists and administrative staff have your mission and vision in mind.

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 ​In-house trainers
Our trainers has over 20 years of experience providing training and orientations for all new hires and novice interpreters. They have undergone training of trainers sessions at national workshops. We participate in most local training and medical interpreter workshops given in our communities.   ​

Competency and testing
Novice interpreters go through a testing process to determine the level of fluency and work aptitude. We understand that not everyone has the skills to be an interpreter and we make sure they got what it takes to be a superior interpreter. Our company also attracts and hires experienced linguists and those with a bachelors degree or a certificate in interpreting. 

Our translators are carefully selected in language direction and field of expertise. Here we require national certifications or a translations degree from a recognized. In addition, having a long track record of quality work is an absolute must to belong to our translators team. 

We test applicants thoroughly on reading and comprehension, writing, speech clarity in their language pairs, fluency, aptitude for the profession and other metrics. We also outsource to professional testing centers for exotic languages.


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